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The Fellowship of Holistic Integrated Therapists.
"Holistic" - The treatment of an individual as a complete person (mind body & spirit).

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Welcome to FHIT

Holistic Medicine

Do you want a specialist who only knows about one thing, or would you prefer to consult a practitioner of holistic medicine who has skills and experience in a wider range of health related matters?

If the latter, what do you want from your health care practioner?

You want to know what disciplines they practice.

You want to know that they are qualified, that they have graduated from a reputable training body and that they keep themselves up to date.

You want them to understand about you and what your needs are.

You want them to be honest with you and treat you with respect.

You want to know that if they can't help, then they know someone who can.

You want them to to have the ability to take in the braoder picture and not just home in on your symptoms.

You want the reassurance that they are registered with and regulated by a professional association that imposes high standandards of both care and conduct.

You may also want to know that they are fully insured to do the work that they do

You want a practitioner who is a member of FHIT and has letters FHIT, MFHIT or AFHIT after their name.

These people have willingly offered themselves and their practice for independent scrutiny and voluntarily adopted our strict codes of practice and conduct.  They have demonstrated their commitment to the provision of the highest level of holistic patient/client care in order to feel good about their role and ensure your confidence in consulting them.




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