Holistic Medicine

Information for Therapists

If you are qualified in one or more core disciplines and have been in practice for at least three years, we are the friends you have been seeking. We recognise and welcome therapists who believe in the true holistic application of medicine and have the confidence in themselves to provide it.

There are many separate disciplines that are complementary, alternative, supplementary and allied to medicine. Each has its own training criteria and its own professional representation. Many therapists, once they are qualified in a core discipline find themselves looking towards other; add on skills to augment their base line therapy. If you are one of these people, then you are probably working towards holistic practice by integrating each new skill you learn into your patient/client care.

Does your current professional body fully represent you?

Or do you need a professional body that:

Not only registers your core discipline/s but also recognises your wider knowledge and practice.

  • Protects your right to apply all and everything that you have learned.
  • Recognises that you are more than just a one stop shop for a single discipline but a balanced provider of health care.
  • Encourages you in the further development of your skills

The FHIT is administered on a day to day basis and supported by The Health Team which pioneered, refined and has practiced multidisciplinary medicine at consultant level since 1995.

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